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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Will Gray: His Greatest Performance

Last night (Friday, July 26), Will Gray passed away. Will was only 33 years old and yet he leaves behind a legacy of vibrance, passion, and grace that many have marveled over during the past few months. As his wife Angie and her family, Will's parents Johnny & Barbara and extended family, and thousands of friends witnessed his journey with cancer, Will gave perhaps his greatest performance. Gifted with a rare ability to lead from a stage with the world watching, Will chose daily to fight the pain, fear, and hopelessness of a dreaded disease with love, grit, and grace placing his faith in the God who brings life from death, wholeness from brokenness, and hope from despair. And though we grieve Will's death, our tears and broken hearts are not too far removed from the laughter, the smiles, and the joy that permeated every part of Will's life and will continue to live on in the lives of the countless people he touched. Very few people live with a tangible grace and passion that blesses all who encounter them. Even fewer are capable of showing the rest of us how to die with that same tangible grace and unquenchable passion for those things in life which are most important.  Will, from those of us that knew you (and many far greater than I), we join our Father and your Father in proclaiming, "Well Done!!"      


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