The Adventure of Living in the Kingdom of God

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Stephens Family Transitions

Updates on our journey....

  • Residency is Over! : On June 30, I officially finished my residency training in orthopedic surgery thus drawing to a close a five-year step in my quest to one day have a real job!!  I am slated to have such a job by the time I am 35 years old (I'm 33 now) and yes my parents are thrilled at the possibility.

  • Said Goodbye to Michigan:  We have so enjoyed our time in Michigan over the past five years and developed so many wonderful relationships, especially through the kids' school and through church at Rochester. We have been blessed to sink some roots into the lives of some wonderful families that have worked their way into our lives. We deeply miss those friendships and are deeply grateful.
  • Bryan with his buddy Camden Brown

  • Luke Nicholson - 1 year old birthday party. Awesome little dude with an awesome family
  • Moved to Minnesota: On July 1, we moved into our rental house here in Woodbury, MN (right outside of Saint Paul / Twin Cities area) and we are getting close to having all of our boxes unpacked and pictures hung on the walls. Our neighborhood is wonderful with a ton of kids for the boys to play with and we are settling in nicely (remind you it is summer here now) and excited about living here for a year. I will begin a one year fellowship (extra year of training) in spine surgery at Regions Hospital (St Paul, MN) in August and really excited about the training ahead of me.  
Three dudes and a Moving Truck!!

  • Baby #4: For those of you that don't know, Jenn and I are expecting our fourth child in early October. We are very excited and yes it's another boy! Poor Jenn is sentenced to live in a boys' locker room for the next couple decades!! Tests thus far have shown the little guy to be healthy and big. :)