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Saturday, September 5, 2015

WRAPS: A Ministry of Dignity for Women

(1) I'm a guy.
(2) I have no sisters.
(3) I have no daughters.
(4) I am thankful for #1-3.

I can honestly say that a ministry to young women using menstrual pads has NEVER crossed my mind prior to two weeks ago. However, WRAPS has changed that and opened my mind up to opportunities of which I never dreamed.

WRAPS (Washable, Reusable, Affordable Pads) is a ministry here in Soddo Ethiopia that works with young women providing them with clean, reusable, and washable menstrual pads in order to "empower Ethiopian school girls to embrace their femininity, learn proper hygiene, and stay in school."  Dr Mark Karnes, an OB/GYN here at Soddo Christian Hospital, and his wife Allison have lived and worked here in Soddo for the past 5-6 years and Allison is the champion of this ministry. 

Taken from WRAPS Facebook page.

When young women here in Ethiopia (and probably many other places around the world) begin their menstrual cycle, they often wind up dropping out of school because of the shame associated with their menstrual bleeding. Depending on when their cycle begins, this means girls drop out of school somewhere around 5th grade and with minimal education, many wind up forgoing dreams of further education, careers, and/or other interests. In order to make money, many unfortunately wind up in prostitution. Though a normal physiological process, many do not understand it and they do not have access to women's care products that the western world enjoys - and takes for granted. They often use very unsanitary methods of controlling their cycles predisposing them to infections and social shame.  

WRAPS seeks to change that by hand-sewing these menstrual pads and providing them to young women while also educating them about the natural menstrual cycle. In doing so, they restore dignity and self-worth to these young women empowering them to become and do whatever God calls them to.

Image taken from WRAPS Facebook page of young women holding their WRAPS.
I encourage you to check out their Facebook page called WRAPS and support however you feel inclined. You can also look at the website for Global Outreach International to learn more about the Karnes, this ministry, and as well as others.

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